The shadow side of following your dreams: Living in the meantime

Stephanie Dawne

Girl is waiting the train with her suitcase at the station - people, travel and lifestyle concept

We’ve all been told to follow our dreams. To do what you love. That message is embedded in stories and movies and preached by motivational speakers. It’s an important message; too many of us have been told just the opposite, that our dreams don’t matter, we’ll never make it, even that we’re not worthy of achieving that which we desire. Following your dreams is more than a romantic notion; it makes sense. Doing something that you are passionate about is going to be way more sustainable than plowing along at a job you hate.

I believe that all of us have this spark inside of us, that knowing deep down that we can create meaningful change in the world. That spark is called purpose. For some of us, it’s like a fire that’s always been there, allowing us to bask in its warmth. For others it’s just a little flicker…

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