My Sunday Ritual: Castor Oil and Dead Sea Mud


I’ve seen allot of hype from beauty bloggers about castor oil for hair growth and manageability. I used to use olive oil on my hair regularly, and I still use argan oil, which is a fine, dry oil that washes out easily but leaves my hair soft. I kind of had a mental block about trying castor oil. I used to see a naturopath weekly when I was recovering from my adrenal fatigue, and they would do castor oil packs on my abdomen to help detoxify my liver. I always hated the smell and gooey feeling on my tummy, and don’t particularly want to be reminded of that less-than-feel-awesome time in my life. Also, I have this weird thing where I’ll spend $60 on eyeshadow but then spending $12 on something practical seems too much. Does anyone else have that or is this another Stephanie quirk?

Long story short, I slathered my hair in the castor oil and let it sit for about 6 hours in a braid. I made sure to massage it into my scalp, because if it’s going to encourage growth it needs to get to my scalp. This was a bit of a challenge as the castor oil is kind of tacky, not runny like olive oil. But I just rubbed it between my hands to soften it. While the castor oil was on, I used my Dead Sea mineral mud face mask, which I got for $7 from Jolene’s Handmade Soaps at New Westminster’s River Market. Dead sea mud is rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium. It’s like a mini facial in that once it dries, it helps to draw out toxins and impurities and minimize pores. I rinsed the mud mask off after 20 mins. It really got my skin soft and glowing! I didn’t even need to moisturize after!

It took three shampoos to get all the castor oil out, two with my Avalon Organics clarifying lemon shampoo and one with my John Masters Evening Primrose. I followed up with my John Masters Citrus Neroli conditioner. I let it air dry for about an hour afterwards, then sprayed a bit of heat protector on the ends and finished with a blow dryer.
My hair turned out so soft, shiny, and manageable! I can run my fingers through my hair easily, and my scalp feels moisturized, but still clean. I’m definitely impressed. I will be making castor oil hair masks part of my Sunday ritual from now on. I’m curious to see whether it will make my hair grow faster.

I will post an update in about three months in regards to length. Hair usually grows around a centimetre a month, so I figure it will take that long to see any noticeable difference anyway, unless this stuff works like miracle grow! I measured my hair, a strand just behind my ears, which is just shy of 16 inches. Since I just had a trim I won’t need one for a while. We’ll see what happens!




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